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In order to help private business owners create and support a demand-driven, private equity market for their business, we have recruited and trained independent CPAs and BV consultants in the True Corporate Model™ concepts and processes. Potential engagements for the TCM Consulting Network™ services will be placed with an independent consultant with training and experience in True Corporate Model™ concepts.

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TCM Consulting Network™ Owners

The TCM Consulting Network™ is owned and managed by members of the TCM Consulting Network, LLC, an Idaho limited liability company. The members are:

Founding Owner, DAVID M. COOPER, CPA, PA:

Dave Cooper, CPA, CVA, founder of True Corporate Model™David M. Cooper, CPA, CVA the President of DAVID M. COOPER, CPA, PA, an Idaho Professional Corporation, is the founder of the TCM Consulting Network™. Dave Cooper graduated from Boise State University in 1971. After a short tenure as a Revenue Agent for the Internal Revenue Service, Dave joined a regional accounting firm in Idaho that became Cooper Norman and was its Managing Member for 20 years. The Cooper Norman grew from 12 associates in one office to 90 associates in three offices during Dave’s 36 year association with the firm. Dave sold his interest in Cooper Norman in 2009 to pursue development of the True Corporate Model™ on a more full-time basis.

During his business career, Dave Cooper has owned, purchased, sold and continues to own non-controlling interests in many  private business enterprises. His belief in the market driven dynamics of private business investment motivate his personal investment in these businesses. Dave’s deep passion for teaching private business owners how to grow and capture cash flows and intangible values inherent in their business is center core to his success in public accounting, private business investment and private business consulting.

The True Corporate Model™ concepts were first used by Dave Cooper for transitioning his CPA firm, a mission started in 1986 when the firm had only two owners. The firm grew to 13 owners and Dave Cooper was the third owner to retire from the CPA firm, selling his interest to a younger generation of partners who were developed following the True Corporate Model™ concepts. In 1990, Dave realized the True Corporate Model™ concepts used to develop generational ownership for his CPA firm would apply to any private business. He then began teaching the principals he learned to his private business clients and setting up demand-driven, private equity markets for his CPA firm clients.

Dave Cooper is a consultant in the TCM Consulting Network™.

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Other Owners: