For CPAs & BV Consultants

Are you a seasoned business valuation professional with business management and strategy planning experience?  If so, do you want to add an easy to sell value-added service to your firm’s menu of services? Helping your clients follow the True Corporate Model™ will differentiate you from your competitors and cement your relationship with the next generation of owners of your clients’ privately held businesses.

We are seeking qualified and geographically dispersed members of for the TCM Consulting Network™.

The True Corporate Model™ concepts take from two to three years to teach and install and requires annual valuation consulting services to maintain.  Fees for this service range from $10,000 to $30,000 per client for installation services and $1,500 to $3,000 per year per client for annual valuation maintenance services.

To help you become more qualified to sell and offer this service, we provide a series of three webinars to teach the process and share examples of the experience we gained from our previous engagements.  Members of the TCM Consulting Network™ will also work with you on a joint engagement basis to help you sell and install your first True Corporate Model™ engagements.  Once you are qualified, the TCM Consulting Network™ may refer potential engagements to you as they become available through the network.

If you are interest in becoming a member, please call or e-mail the TCM Consulting Network™, today.