For Business Owners

Let’s face it, if you have been running your business for 20 years or more you are ready to move to a higher level. Your life has been spent creating a business, growing it to success, and building a name on which people can rely.  In short, you’ve lived the American Dream and now likely need help to capture the value of it.

Did you know it is possible for you to own an interest in your business and spend less time in day-to-day management of it?  It is likely time for others to take over day-to-day management so you can spend more time in strategy, higher value and often neglected management planning and development roles for your business.  It is also possible for you to spend less total time at the business and more time with family, friends and neglected outside interests.

This is where members of the TCM Consulting Network™ can help.  The True Corporate Model™ is proven concepts that will not only help you capture the value of what you built, but will also help you turn it into a legacy for future generations of key employees to benefit from, well beyond your exit from the business.

To capitalize on this opportunity you need a qualified, independent expert with business valuation, strategic planning and transition planning experience.  We will help you develop a new strategic business plan for your business following the True Corporate Model™. We will then help you sell it to your key employees, banks and other third-party stakeholders in your business.

To get the ball rolling and to get a free consultation and proposal for your successful private company, please call or e-mail the TCM Consulting Network™ today.